Friday, December 30, 2011

Snowmen have a low tolerance for alcohol. In case you were wondering.

I took 25 minutes out of my day for some fun with Nelson; the traveling snowman. He has been so patient...just sitting around and staring at me going Christmas crazy!

No, I didn't take Nelson with me to the store, but he did applaud my use of reusable bags. There is such a thing as green snowmen.
And then I showed him the tomatoes I just picked! Not the best place for me to set them though.

We are having such mild temps. And when I say mild, I mean I only broke out in a sweat 4 times today. 83 degrees?? C'mon Old man winter, help a sister out!

Anyhoo...he wanted to sit under the chickee hut and enjoy the views.

A sit under the chickee is nice accompanied by a glass of vino.
 What? He wasn't driving anywhere!

Well, one glass of wine proved to be too much for this guy.
No, he's not planking. He's puking. 

I told him enough was enough.
But he didn't listen.

 Funny thing is, he is a fun drunk. Not mean at all. And he didn't break anything.
I did catch him trying to drunk text Rudolf...but I saved him the embarrassment.  

Down for the count.
Again, not planking....sleeping!

Plop plop, fizz fizz oh, what a relief it is!

I hope your weekend is filled with all the love you can handle, all the laughs you can muster and JOY-out-the-ying-yang!!! {Ouch?}

Bee safe out there....cause *someone* loves you!!!

{I am SOMEONE!!!}

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


In case you don't know who Nelson is yet, here's a couple of places to
 Meet me and see where I've been.....
What happens when I'm back home..... and
 Where I went .....

My home base is in UTAH but I'm far from being a normal pile of snowflakes. I've got the itch to travel, meet people and do things other snowmen can only dream of (make sure you visit this one!)

I know I'll have many adventures along my journey and whoever has me will be posting all about it.

Can't wait to see all the places I'll go and friends I'll meet.

Sure hope you'll follow along.