Friday, December 30, 2011

Snowmen have a low tolerance for alcohol. In case you were wondering.

I took 25 minutes out of my day for some fun with Nelson; the traveling snowman. He has been so patient...just sitting around and staring at me going Christmas crazy!

No, I didn't take Nelson with me to the store, but he did applaud my use of reusable bags. There is such a thing as green snowmen.
And then I showed him the tomatoes I just picked! Not the best place for me to set them though.

We are having such mild temps. And when I say mild, I mean I only broke out in a sweat 4 times today. 83 degrees?? C'mon Old man winter, help a sister out!

Anyhoo...he wanted to sit under the chickee hut and enjoy the views.

A sit under the chickee is nice accompanied by a glass of vino.
 What? He wasn't driving anywhere!

Well, one glass of wine proved to be too much for this guy.
No, he's not planking. He's puking. 

I told him enough was enough.
But he didn't listen.

 Funny thing is, he is a fun drunk. Not mean at all. And he didn't break anything.
I did catch him trying to drunk text Rudolf...but I saved him the embarrassment.  

Down for the count.
Again, not planking....sleeping!

Plop plop, fizz fizz oh, what a relief it is!

I hope your weekend is filled with all the love you can handle, all the laughs you can muster and JOY-out-the-ying-yang!!! {Ouch?}

Bee safe out there....cause *someone* loves you!!!

{I am SOMEONE!!!}


Vicki/Jake said...

Mwahaha Nelson! Hope Suz is ready for New Year's Eve with you:)

Jane said...

Looks like Nelson is a happy, jolly drunk! Maybe he is planking... I can tell he's a pretty cool guy - even in 80+ degrees!!

Jenny said...

Some snowmen never learn!

Jann Olson said...

Oh Nelson, buddy you've got to learn how to hold your liquer. Glad to hear that you're a fun drunk. Better take a cold shower.