Monday, January 16, 2012

Living THE Life!

Just in case anyone was worried or was wondering what I've been up to....
worry no longer.

I am doing fine here in Sunny Southwest Florida.
I am doing so good that, I  hardly use my computer anymore...and I've practically given up words with friends on my smart phone.

So, what has got my attention as of late?

The gorgeous weather! Highs of 72 and SUNNY.
Yes, I said SUNNY!
The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades. 

Don't hate...appreciate!

In a week or two, we will be putting in our spring garden. Yes, spring garden!!!


Jane said...

Spring garden!!? I'm totally jealous of you Nelson. Love the outfit, but I think it's time to lose the scarf, lol!!

Ade Susanty said...

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Vicki/Jake said...

Sending you a raspberry Nelson! Ya, the tongue kind. It was 4 degrees here last night. Yes FOUR STINKIN DEGREES! And there you are sportin shades and talking about planting a garden...blah! Ok, so this is just jealousy spewing from my mouth. I think when you come home, I GET TO GO somewhere warm next winter! You can stay here shoveling the white stuff:) And ya, I miss ya:)

Jann Olson said...

Oh Nelson, I am so jealous! A garden, can you imagine? Enjoy that sun, but don't stay out so long you melt. BTW, I am now plahying 6 people with words on my new Christmas gift I-phone. Gotta keep this old girls brain young. lol!

Anonymous said...

They say they got IRENE?
They say she is NRENQ.